The next sunrise at Plaine Morte will be on Saturday July 27. 

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Glacier Area

Plaine Morte - the Glacier area

Located at nearly 3,000 metres above sea level, the Plaine-Morte Glacier is one of the few glaciers to be flat. Easily accessible from the ski lifts, both skiers and pedestrians are offered a high-mountain experience accessible to all. With its sleigh dogs, its ice cave, its cross-country ski slopes, its snowshoe trails and its restaurant serving authentic fondues, the Glacier area will peak the interest of young and old alike.

A dog sleigh ride at 3,000 metres' altitude. A sleigh pulled by a husky team will take you on a magical ride on the Plaine Morte Glacier. Coached by a professional musher, an introduction to steering is also possible.

A cross-country ski slope at 3,000 metres' altitude. A splendid 6 km route will allow you to admire a magnificent landscape with a view of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps. Snowshoe trails are also available.

In summer, it is a space with a little lunar sides that you will have the opportunity to discover while climbing up to 3000m. From the Plaine Morte, several hiking trails are accessible. Walks on the glacier are also organized by the Swiss Ski School (ESS). Throughout the summer, events such as a sunrise are offered. The Plaine Morte restaurant is open and suggests various Valaisan fondues and planchettes throughout the summer season.