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Terms & Conditions


1. Legal information

Name Remontée mécaniques de Crans-Montana Aminona (CMA) SA
Address Route des Barzettes 1, 3963 Crans-Montana 1
VAT number CHE-105.757.217 TVA
Federal registration number CH_626.3.001.943-8

2. General

The present General Sales Terms and Conditions (GSTC) apply to all tickets sold by the Crans-Montana-Aminona (CMA) SA ski lifts and giving access to the Crans-Montana ski area.

A copy is available at all times at the various ski area ticket offices and can be downloaded online at

The knowledge of the present General Sales Terms and Conditions is validated at the time of the purchase of a package online.

3. Transport clauses

The Crans-Montana-Aminona (CMA) SA lift company guarantees free movement on its lift installations to users with a valid ticket during the period of operation and during the published opening hours.

The customer is obliged to carry a valid ticket for the period in question and corresponding to the appropriate user category.

CMA guarantees the safety of its customers on board of its facilities. To the extent permitted, CMA's liability is limited to its own negligent or intentional conduct.

The client agrees to respect the operating regulations. In particular, the client must behave in a way that does not jeopardize his safety or that of other users of the ski area. He is responsible for any damage or deterioration. The resale of tickets is strictly forbidden, unless authorized by the operator by contractual measure.

4. The Skipasses

The ski ticket is composed of a card on which a transport title is registered.

The ticket gives access to the Crans-Montana ski lifts for a period corresponding to its validity and for the given category of user.



Bearer tickets
Bearer tickets do not include user identification.

Registered tickets
Registered tickets carry the identification of the users. They are strictly personal and are not transferable or assignable.



All public fares for tickets and media are available at points of sale and online at They include all taxes. It is the customer's responsibility to inquire about the products and rates offered, in order to select the most advantageous for him/her.

The company reserves the right to change its rates and the definition of the categories giving right to the discounts and/or privileged conditions at any time and without notice.

The applicable prices and conditions are those in place at the time of payment of the order by the customer. Prices are not guaranteed until final acceptance of payment.



There are two types of magnetic media:

  • KeyTix: FCHF 1.- (pedestrian) or CHF 3.-single use.
  • Keycard: CHF 5.- reusable and reloadable online.

Keycards are reusable because they are rechargeable. However, it is the customer's responsibility to bring his or her Keycard with him or her and present it at the cash desk when purchasing a ticket.

A Keycard is not refundable under any circumstances, even after the validity of the ticket has expired. The company accepts Keycards from other stations.

Transport title Identifications 
Pedestrian / ATV  
1 and 2 days  
3 to 7 days Name / First name
8 to 15 days Name / First name
Year Name / First name
Date of birth

5. Options

The subscription to the options is possible with the purchase of the ticket only.



It is possible to purchase a ticket with access to the Skidata Fastlane kiosks, for a fixed amount corresponding to the current rates.



It is possible to rent a locker for a specified period of time, either for a week or for a season, at the departure stations of Crans, Montana and Violettes or the parking lots of Crans.

A deposit of CHF 100.00 is required when renting a locker and will be returned only when both keys are returned. It is obligatory to empty the locker and return the keys before the end of the season.

6. Duplicate

A duplicate is issued when the holder is able to prove that his ticket has been lost, stolen, or destroyed and the company can cancel it.

The procedure therefore only applies to nominative tickets.



Duplicate fees are:

  • CHF 30.00 per duplicate.

At the end of the procedure, the old ticket is canceled. A duplicate is given to the customer, without the possibility of changing the ticket.

The customer pays the amount of the Keycard, in the same way as for a new purchase.



Forgotten tickets are not replaced. The user must announce the forgetting at the cash desk and pay the price of the ticket he is about to consume.

The ski pass taken in addition is refunded on presentation of the two tickets and an ID document, after verification that the forgotten ticket has not been used during the period in question. The client must complete this procedure before the end of the current season. In this case, no refund is guaranteed.

A penalty of CHF 5 is applied to the refund amount.

7. Remboursement



Partially used or unused tickets, whether or not due to the user, are not reimbursed by CMA.



If the operation is completely or partially suspended due to bad weather or force majeure (e.g. avalanche danger, power failure, breakdown), the customer is not entitled to any refund.



Insurance to cover certain risks is available:

  • Snowassist: Contracted with the transport tickets from 1⁄2 day to 15days tickets
  • Skipass Assur: Contracted with transport tickets from 2 days

The subscription to an insurance must be done with the purchase of the ticket. The insurance is payable according to the number of days and is automatically contracted for the same duration as the ticket. Fares are available online at and at the ticket office.

Insurance is not refundable under any circumstances. The validity period of an insurance policy cannot be extended.

Insurance terms and conditions and additional information are available on the website Outside the terms of the insurance, CMA does not reimburse any packages or make any postponements.

8. Discounts

Age of users
Year of birth  
Under 9 years old- gratis 0 to 8 years old inclusive Identity document
Child 9 to 15 Yo Identity document
Young 16 to 20 Yo Identity document
Adult From 21 Yo Identity document
Senior (only Tuesdays,  Wednesday & Thursdays for white hair) From 65 years old Identity document

For children under aged 9 on the start date of the Pass, and accompanied by an adult, a ticket for the same duration as the "parents" pass is offered.

The company does not guarantee that any reduction will be taken into account unless the required proof(s) is (are) presented.

In case of forgetfulness of the receipt, the customer will pay the normal fare. The difference can be reimbursed upon presentation of the receipt before the end of the validity of the ticket in question.

Categories giving entitlement to age-related benefits are determined on the basis of the birth date in relation to the start date of validity of the season ticket.



A set of pre-formed participants, constituted in a circumstantial way with the common goal of carrying out a trip, a stay, an excursion.

The group must be made up of at least 20 people subscribing for the same duration and on the same dates. It must be represented by a single person in charge, mandated by the other members of the group.

The person in charge must register the group by phone to the information center or by e- mail to, at least 48 hours before the first day of skiing.

The list of participants must be provided with the name, first name and date of birth of each participant. The necessary documents must be attached.

A 15% discount is granted on the regular rates. Payment is made at the time of pick-up. Invoices can only be sent with the prior agreement of the management.

In all cases, payment must be made at once for the entire service.

Passes can be collected at the ski area ticket offices.



The Crans-Montana ski lifts cannot guarantee access to the facilities for disabled persons.

Persons whose mobility is linked to an accessory vehicle (wheelchair or other) are asked to contact the information center by telephone at +41 848 22 10 12 or by email at at least 48 hours before their arrival in the ski area. This period of time allows the staff to determine if access to the ski lifts is possible while guaranteeing the safety of the person, whatever the circumstances.

When a person has to be accompanied because of their disability, their pass is offered and the accompanying person is charged.

9. Payment

The means of payment accepted by the company are:

  • Credit card (Visa-Mastercard-American Express), PostFinance, Maestro, myOne or Reka-Card
  • Cash (CHF and Euro 1)
  • REKA cheques 2

A sales receipt showing the type of ticket, its date of validity and its unique number is issued for each ticket issued.

10. Buy online

Online shopping is available at 

The purchase of an online ticket is subject to the present General Sales Terms and Conditions, except for the specific conditions detailed below.



Ordering Online sales allow the customer to purchase the package (media and ticket), or to recharge a Keycard with a new ticket.

Tickets purchased online must be issued on Keycard media. Customers who do not have a Keycard or Keytix must therefore pay the price of the Keycard or Keytix.

Anyone in possession of a Keycard can recharge it using the number on the back (xx-xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx-x).

It is the customer's responsibility to correctly fill in the information required to issue or reload the ticket.

The payment in secure mode is made by credit card (Visa-Mastercard- American Express) or PostFinance. For security reasons, cash payments are not accepted for online purchases.

The payment is made in a secure environment by the Datatrans/Ogone system. The transmitted banking data are protected.

This protection is in accordance with the legal provisions in force in Switzerland.

The validated order will be effective only when the concerned bank payment center has given its agreement. In case of refusal of the aforementioned center, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer is warned of the refusal of the transaction.

Order Confirmation
Once the payment has been made and accepted by Datatrans/Ogone, a confirmation email summarizing the entire order (confirmation number and reloaded Keycard(s)) is sent to the customer through the email address used to place the order. The customer must be able to present this order confirmation (paper printout or preview on smartphone), during any inspection carried out in the ski area.

In the case of online Keycard reloading, the customer can go directly to one of the Skidata terminals in the ski area.

If the customer has bought his Keycard or Keytix online, he can collect them from the ski area ticket offices.

To pick up the packages, the buyer must present:

  • The order confirmation received by email
  • An identity document


Order cancellation
A validated order cannot be cancelled.

Validation of the packages
The pass is validated at the first passage in the Skidata terminal of the Crans-Montana ski area.

Responsibilities & guarantees

CMA cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet (service interruption, external intrusion, computer virus, etc.). The customer declares that he/she is aware of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, in particular its technical performance, the response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and the risks related to the security of communications.

11. Tickets control

The tickets must be presented at each inspection.

Access by Keycard in no way exempts users from having to present their ticket for control purposes at any time and at the request of the personnel in charge of control.

12. Exclusion from transportation

Failure to comply with operating requirements may result in the user being excluded from transportation. In particular, if the user:

  • Is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Behaves inappropriately
  • Fails to comply with regulations on the use of the means of transport or passenger behaviour, or fails to comply with staff orders based on them

In the event of a repeat offence, CMA reserves the right to stop selling tickets to users who do not comply with the operating regulations.

13. Fraud et violations

The resale or rental of any pass is prohibited.

Any misuse will be sanctioned by a contribution to the administrative and control costs of CHF 200.

Example: Use of a personal ticket by a third party, endangering others, etc.
In addition, any misuse of a ticket will result in the irreversible confiscation of the pass.

In the event of a repeat offence, CMA reserves the right to no longer sell tickets to users concerned by abusive or fraudulent practices.

The falsification of a ticket or the use of a falsified ticket is punishable by criminal prosecution and damages.

14. Rescue Service

In the event of an accident on the Crans-Montana ski area and the need to call for help, an amount determined by the intervention rates communicated by the OCVS will be invoiced to the injured client.

The costs of third parties (e.g. Rega, doctor, etc.) are covered directly by the client.
Any claims for reimbursement must be filed by the customer with their insurance company.

15. Informations

Website available at

For any additional information, please call the information center at +41 848 22 10 12 (according to opening hours and days). This contract is subject to Swiss law. CMA cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether material or immaterial, resulting from the malfunction or misuse of the packages sold.

Please note that, as a general rule and subject to the discretion of the courts, compliance with the provisions relating to the contractual guarantee assumes that the buyer honors his commitments to the seller.

Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith being always presumed in the one who takes the trouble to expose his situations. The customer will first contact CMA to obtain an amicable solution. To this end, the client is requested to send an email to

All claims arising from the contract for the purchase of tickets and from these GTC must be brought exclusively before the competent courts of the place where CMA SA has its headquarters, it being understood that the parties recognize the exclusive jurisdiction of these judicial authorities.