WINTER 2020/2021


It is possible for everyone to buy their ski pass for Crans-Montana online via a dynamic sales platform designed by Liftopia.

Take advantage of attractive prices by purchasing your skipass online!

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Children up to 9 years old (born in 2012 and after) benefit from free access to the ski area.

Winter season 20/21

From December 19th 2020

(born before 1995)
1 DAYmycma.shopfrom 25.-from 25.-from 8.-
at the cash desk89.-89.-50.-
2 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 28.-from 28.-from 16.-
at the cash desk171.-171.-96.-
3 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 39.-from 39.-from 21.-
at the cash desk251.-251.-141.-
4 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 50.-from 50.-from 28.-
at the cash desk328.-328.-184.-
5 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 60.-from 60.-from 33.-
at the cash desk401.-401.-225.-
6 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 69.-from 69.-from 39.-
at the cash desk465.-465.-264.-
7 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 77.-from 77.-from 43.-
at the cash desk530.-530.-298.-
8 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 85.-from 85.-from 47.-
at the cash desk591.-591.-332.-
9 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 93.-from 93.-from 52.-
at the cash desk649.-649.-365.-
10 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 101.-from 101.-from 56.-
at the cash desk703.-703.-395.-
11 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 108.-from 108.-from 60.-
at the cash desk754.-754.-424.-
12 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 115.-from 115.-from 64.-
at the cash desk801.-801.-450.-
13 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 122.-from 122.-from 68.-
at the cash desk845.-845.-475.-
14 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 129.-from 129.-from 72.-
at the cash desk872.-872.-490.-
15 DAYSmycma.shopfrom 136.-from 136.-from 76.-
at the cash desk894.-894.-503.-
1 DAYPass Step One10.-10.-10.-
Only consecutive days
Rechargeable keycard CHF 5.00 non-refundable
FASTLANE OPTIONwith passwithout pass
1 65.-
at the cash desk99.-188.-

No reimbursement if not insured

 per dayper season
Skipass Assur Insurance (insurance package)3.-63.-
SnowAssist Insurance5.-98.-

Repayments are made directly by the insurer. The ski resort does not refund season passes. Terms and conditions at  WWW.SNOWASSIST.CH

Up to 2200m    
One way 15.-15.-
Round trip30.-20.-
Up to 3000m  
Round trip60.-40.-
Cross-country skiing Plaine Morte60.-40.-
 Adults and young people born before 2005Child
1 jour39.-20.-
2 jours69.-35.-
3 jours93.-48.-
4 jours123.-63.-
5 jours153.-79.-
6 jours183.-94.-
(born before 1995)
1 day (every Saturday and Friday in peak season)10.-10.-10.-
Rando ParcAdult
(born before 1995)
1 day 5.-5.-5.-
located at the Crans train station500.-
located in the Crans car park350.-
located in the Signal car park350.-
located in the Violettes car park350.-

A deposit of CHF 100 is included in the prices mentioned above, and is refunded only when both keys are returned at the end of the season (21st April 2020 at the latest).

The Signal car park is closed for renovation work. The reopening is planned between December 2021 and June 2022.

Our machines accept credit card, coins and notes. 

Annual (1 year)750.-
Seasonal (6 months)450.-
1 month (30 days)250.-
1 week (7 days)150.-
Per hour2.00

All princes are in Swiss francs, VAT included. Subject to changes.