Section 1 –  Basic principles  

Clients who have purchased their day passes (1 to 15 days) at can request a full refund in the following cases  : 

1)     In the event of total closure of the ski area by order of the Federal Council or by order of the State of Valais, CMA SA will only reimburse ski days that could not be used for short stays between 1 and 15 days.   

2)     In the event of closure of all borders between Switzerland and other countries with or without a border with Switzerland due to a decision taken by the authorities, CMA SA will only reimburse ski days that could not be used for short stays between 1 and 15 days. 

In this specific case, only the list of countries or regions in the world imposing mandatory isolation upon arrival in Switzerland and/or return from Crans-Montana that appears on the website serves as a reference.  


Section 2 – Process 

  1. The client must fill in this form, sign it and send it by post, at the latest on the last day that their day pass is valid, to the following address :  


Remontées mécaniques Crans Montana Aminona (CMA)  

Centrale d’informations  

Route des Barzettes 1, 3963 Crans-Montana  


or by mail to


  1. For postal mail, the postmark will be taken as proof of date. 

Any application for the application of a COVID dadant restriction before 30 June 2021 will no longer be considered.


Section 3 – Client obligations  

  1. The refund may be refused by Remontées Mécaniques Crans Montana Aminona (CMA) SA if the holder abuses their rights. 


  1. Specifically, there is abuse : 

  • in the event of a breach of these provisions ; 

  • in the event of inappropriate behaviour towards others using the ski area; 

  • in the event of any breach of security; and 

  • in the event of non-compliance with instructions from staff in the ski area or restaurants  

  • in the event of false information provided as a reason for the refund