Local authorities, SwissSki and CMA join forces to host future ski competitions

Crans-Montana, 29 March 2022 - The Crans-Montana Ski Lifts (CMA), the Swiss Ski Federation (Swiss-Ski) and the Association of Communes of Crans-Montana (ACCM) have signed a tripartite agreement leading to the creation of an association. This agreement formalises and ensures close collaboration between these three players in the context, among other things, of the bid to host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Crans-Montana in 2027.

Initialled on 26 February in the presence of representatives of the three parties, the agreement formalises the creation of an association to guarantee the general framework for the organisation and implementation of the Alpine World Ski Championships in parallel with the submission of a bid by Swiss-Ski to the International Ski Federation (FIS).

In anticipation of and pending the official awarding of the contract (May 25/26), this agreement makes it possible to anticipate the legal, operational and organisational provisions that the implementation of the event would represent. The preparation of the competition infrastructure, the logistical, transport and accommodation services, as well as the issues related to security, are, among other things, defined by the Association's agreement. The latter also ensures the sharing of know-how and expertise as well as mutual support between the parties and members of the organisation.

This also leads to the creation of a Committee composed of a chairperson, members of the above-mentioned association as well as local representatives. This Committee will also be responsible for establishing organisational regulations and a division of responsibilities between the Committee and the Management.

It should also be noted that, in addition to the objective of successfully implementing the event from an organisational point of view, the Association undertakes, through its agreement, to support sporting, regional and economic interests in the sense of the sustainable development of Swiss sport and the region of Crans-Montana and Valais.

For the Board of Directors of the ACCM, "this agreement reflects the will of the three partners to work together for the success of the organisation of the Alpine World Ski Championships. The signing of this important agreement delights the communes of Crans-Montana, Icogne and Lens.

For Philippe Magistretti, President of the CMA, "this agreement not only allows for the distribution of the logistical and operational skills necessary for the organisation of a major event, but also demonstrates the spirit of unity around this sporting project, the objective of which is also to promote the assets of our destination in terms of tourism.

For the CEO of Swiss-Ski, Bernhard Aregger, the conclusion of this agreement is an extremely positive sign: "In the hope that the FIS will award the World Championships to Swiss-Ski and Crans-Montana, with this framework agreement we have taken an important step towards the organisation of this major event. The foundation stone has been laid so that, 40 years after the last World Championships on the Haut-Plateau, major festivals can once again be held in the Valais.