Bunia orientalis collection

CMA is asking for your help for a collective harvest in order to fight against the spread of the bunias orientalis. This plant is not harmful to humans or animals, but has a negative impact on the exploitation of hayfields and their yields. Moreover, it supersedes local vegetation and thus causes a loss of biodiversity.

Since it is spreading at a rapid pace, we must act quickly and we ask the population to meet us at the lift departures of Crans Cry d’Er. The basic equipment is provided*, and the procedure for uprooting will be explained in detail on the way up to the collection point. 

This activity is open to all audiences, but it is mandatory to register - COVID obliges! For security reasons, we will keep your personal data (name, surname, address and phone number) for 14 days.

We strongly recommend that you download the SwissCovid application (free, and available on iOS and Android). 

As a reminder, you must wear a mask in the cabins, and we ask you to respect the social safety distances during pick-up. There will be masks available for sale at the checkouts. 

*CMA will provide the basic equipment, i.e. latex gloves and garbage bags. Concerning the outfit, we recommend that you do not have your legs uncovered due to the increased presence of the tick. We also recommend wearing a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. 

18th July 

9am – 2pm

29th August 

9am – 2pm


Place: Cry d'Er
Telephone: 0848 22 10 12
Internet : www.mycma.ch