Alaïa Parks by Tudor

The best snowpark in French-speaking Switzerland over 100,000 m2 with the only Olympic half-pipe in the Valais Alps.

Alaïa Parks Day Pass !

Includes many advantages for a day 100% skiing and FREESTYLE!
You get a lift from " Crans Cry D'Er " or " Arnouvaz Cry-d'ER " which will give you access to one of the biggest snow parks in Switzerland and to experience the Olympic size Half Pipe ! Unlimited access to the Snow Park and Merignou ski lifts to ride until you set the slopes on fire.
Enjoy an All Access pass to Alaïa Chalet valid on the day you purchase your pass and also an exclusive price of 95CHF for the purchase of your surfing sessions at Alaïa Bay.

Alaïa Parks Winter Pass !

A full season of thrill guaranteed until April 18th!
In addition to the ski lifts from "Crans Cry d'Er" or " Arnouvaz Cry-d'Er", unlimited access to the " Snowpark ski lift " and to the "Merignou ski lift"; you benefit from an All Access Pass to Alaïa Chalet valid every day until the end of the season. But that's not all, you get a free surf session at Alaïa Bay and you can also enjoy an exclusive rate of 95CHF for the purchase of any additional surf session at Alaïa Bay.


A scalable infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone: from beginners taking their first steps into the world of action sports to professionals looking to progress by giving free rein to their creativity.


  • 40 modules
  • 5 main lines:
    • Line pro (2Xl jump with also 2 take off L jump, 2 sets of 2 rails)
    • Ligne Medium (2 M-L jump, 2 sets de rails)
    • Tudor line (9 sets of rails with between 1 and 3 rails per set)
    • Super Pipe (HalfPipe 23ft)
    • Mini-Pipe (Halfpipe 13ft)


  • 20-25 modules
  • 4 main lines:
    • Ligne M-S jump (3 jumps)
    • Ligne S-XS jump (3 jumps)
    • Line box rail beginner
    • Funslope line


1 dayCHF 45CHF 37
Winter PassCHF 349CHF 289
Spring PassCHF 249CHF 209