Giorgio Rocca Ski Team



GR SKI TEAM was created with the aim of putting children in the best possible learning conditions, acquiring as many motor patterns and

coordination skills as possible. The focus of this project is not just learning the sport, but goes through a complex and articulated process of

curiosity, discovery, dedication and commitment (sometimes sacrifice) and, above all, RESPECT.

All the instructors selected are certified Italian III°

Some of the selected instructors are former profe All are proficient or even native in speaking Italian

GR SKI TEAM was set up with the aim of putting t sport, but through a complex and articulated proc These are the core values that have made Giorgi

These are the fundamental values that have helped Giorgio Rocca in becoming a World Champion; a man dedicated to his passion, both

with his body and his mind.



Children aged 5/6 years old up to 12/13.
Minimum level required parallel or nearly parallel skis, with speed control and independency at least on red slopes.



Development of conditional skills (strength, endurance, speed), development of general coordinative skills (learning, control and adaptation), special coordinative skills (combination, balance, reaction, anticipation, orientation, motor fantasy, rhythm, space/time differentiation), technical improvementand achievement of maximum control in every situation.



A complete calendar that includes free skiing, giant slalom and special slalom training, days with Giorgio Rocca, day of discovery of the freestyle and free ride worlds, safety rules, snowboarding, Alaia, video clinics, early opening and first tracks, competitions and final party.

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From December 8th 2022 to April 11th 2023, every weekend and holiday.
(December 8th and 9th, from December 24th to January 6th with rest days on Dec. 25th Dec. and Jan 1st, from February 18th to 26th, from April 6th to 11th)
55 days, starting from 9am to 12pm, meeting point at 8.40am.



165 hours of ski lesson

Training days with GIORGIO ROCCA
Uniform GR Ski Academy + Skipass with fastlane* (up to 12 y.o.)
*The fastlane allows children to avoid queuing, especially during holiday periods, less time wasted and more time for skiing.Video clinic - Session at Alaia Chalet - First track special opening

Group max. 6/7 kids per ski instructor - Final competition and awards.



Special price for reservations made before August 31st 2022 (Valais residents and CMA employees 30% off on the price).

Package for holidays skiing only (from December 24th to January 6th with rest days on Dec. 25th Dec. and Jan 1st, from February 18th to 26th) from 9 am. to 12am (22 days per 3 hours a day)

Optional package for skiing on Wednesday afternoons from 1 pm to 4 pm (14 days per 3 hours a day) From December 14th to April 5th *Need a minimum of 5 kids to start

Skipass 365 and 365+ with special blocked prices for parents.

For more info and price please send an email to: