Even though infection rates have slowed down, hospitalizations are decreasing and intensive care units are no longer completely filled, now, more than ever, we must continue our efforts to protect the most vulnerable.

These trying times have given the CMA Group an opportunity to test the organization during a crisis and the ability numerous companies have to redefine and readapt their activities.

From the very start of this unprecedented health crisis, we have been committed towards making every effort to protect the health of our employees and customers. Today, filled with a new awareness, we are sharing the lessons we learnt over the past few weeks:

1.    React rapidly and streamline the decision-making process

Whether it means restricting the amount of people in each cabin, ordering more protective equipment, or creating a free 24-hour Hotline for our employees, every effort has been made.  We are working hard to conduct ourselves according to best practices, even if we remain limited by the structure of our enterprise and the nature of our job.
Under the leadership of our security officer, the group has set up a comprehensive system supervised by a decision-making committee. Through daily conversations and actions, we have managed to safeguard the health of our employees and efficiently organized online communications.

2.    It is essential to keep up a routine and social connections

For part of our team, the work rhythms haven’t changed. Others were left technically out of work and this was initially a shock. How can we sustain our work routine and camaraderie during times of confinement?
We decided to speak to our collaborators daily, using an online conference platform. Every Monday, we share our general management objectives and provide a summary of the situation, followed by a question and answer session.

The rest of the week is dedicated to fun activities:

  • Our chefs share their recipes online
  • Our security team conduct fitness and sport sessions
  • Quizzes, meditation intros and other activities complete our weekly programme on “Web TV CMA”

These measures have been very popular with our employees, who have managed to keep up a relationship with their employers and colleagues.

3.    The need to provide answers and address concerns

It may have seemed like a long time before the Federal Council’s decisions were announced with regards to partial unemployment, operational restrictions and other measures. It was necessary for us to communicate almost daily with our employees in order to keep them fully informed of the situation, along with the measures that were being taken to protect their interests. Our Human Resources department has made efforts to regularly communicate with all our collaborators via email and video.
The group will soon test all its employees for COVID-19 (both for infection and for immunity) in order to best anticipate a return to work and any necessary adjustments should a second wave of the pandemic occur.

4.    To sustain our productivity, we must adapt our tools

Our administrative team used this time as an opportunity to discover new ways of working together. We encouraged the use of project management platforms, video-conference apps and created new tools for work schedule management. The outcomes have been positive; the tools encouraged the formation of new commercial initiatives within the group.

5.    We must have something to look forward to

If the management of this crisis continues as planned, our directors have deemed it necessary to start considering a solid “back to work” plan, while respecting all hygiene measures during the reopening. The Violettes - Plaine Morte section will be the first to reopen. In several days, once the General Council announces an opening date, the public will be able to access the facilities. Public flow will be regulated and sign-ups will be obligatory in order to monitor the number of people on the area. Safety measures will be announced to the public in the upcoming days.

Finally, like many other businesses, the group’s restaurants have donated all their perishable items to the "Noble et Louable Contrée Partage” association.

We hope to have conveyed how the CMA group, a team of exceptional men and women, intend to emerge from this crisis stronger and more united than ever. We are already immensely proud of their individual efforts and are hopeful that we will soon all find ourselves in good health, with a fine drink in hand.