Mon, 29 Jan 2024

Information on ski resort

For safety reasons, the Col du Pochet remains closed until further notice. 

The Plaine Morte and Col du Pochet sectors are affected by reptations* ranging from 2.5m to 4m thick. 

In the Plaine Morte sector, our staff were able to divert and secure the slope to allow the opening of the Kandahar slope. 

The reptations at Plaine Morte are located on the South and East faces of Tubang and in the Grand Couloir of Grand Bonvin.

Updated 29.01.2023

*In snowmaking, creep refers to the slow movement of the entire snowpack. It slides gently down the slope. This slow movement is characterised by the creation of cracks throughout the entire thickness of the snowpack. It is still very complicated to trigger these masses of snow by artificial means.

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Slide that occurred on 26 January 2024 at 2pm along the Nationale 2 slope :

Coulée Nationale 4 Le 27.01.24

Coulée Nationale 2